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Beer and Rap Podcast #6

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Beer And Rap Podcast #6 Ft Sweatpants Money And No Rap Musics

So yeah it’s been a minute since I threw up a new podcast and this one has been in the works for a minute because I just didn’t have time to sit down and record it so Monday Sweatpants comes over and banged it out. For goddamn 2 hours and 40 minutes. This shit is retarded long but it’s dope so fuck it. Besides who cares, it’s the internet, we don’t have fucking timelines anyways.

As for who the fuck Sweatpants Money is, he is a guy who I met some years ago when he moved to Phoenix. I went to his house and the only shit in his kitchen were cds in the cabinets, records on the floor and an ASR10 across the stove, the fridge stored takeout. I think he owned like 2 plates or something. Anyways He eventually made his way from the shitty state of Arizona to the Bay Area and now stays in Oakland. He makes beats, buys clothes, says little, sucks at the internet, wears an grill with a fedora sometimes, but I like the guy so when he told me he’d like to do a podcast I said sure. Maybe 3 months later we actually did it so here you go.

Oh and if you want a tracklist I doubt I’ll get one cause this shit is long. Direct Download here

To subscribe to the podcast just use this url for the feed: If you’re not to smart just go in to itunes and under Advanced you have the option to subscribe to podcasts. Select that and add the feed url so that it will update on it’s own.

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