Girls with the big beat

In the few weeks ago it’s been a lot of girls with the big beat getting the play for me. My friend told me about Automatic, this female trio that’s on some no wave on Stones Throw that he thought might be in my lane. One look at the latest album and it wasn’t a hard sell, you put chrome boobs on anything and I’m going to at least check it out. They got some synth punk to some of their sounds but also some more laid back subversive themes with some sci fi popping. The album, Excess , with the Hajime Sorayama bust is for sure are of that era when the dream of consumerism meant Paulie was gonna fuck a robot no matter what the fuck Ivan Drago did as the whole world burns into a hopeless fire in the sky.

NRG is my jam. This is the one that hits all the shit I’m looking for in this style.

This one got that 70’s analog racing past the pixels while you yell at pedestrians. This is the ripper for me.

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