Moms love Stay Hatin’.

This time out we talk about quantity, quality and how they lead to buzz or buzzkill. Then we argue about what kind of singing is acceptable on rap songs (e.g., does including the word “bitch” in your chorus get you a pass or do you have to be Pimp C to get away with singing?).

The photo above doesn’t really have anything to do with this episode except insofar as it features a rap song with sugary singing that’s currently a kind-of hit in the Bay. (For those who care, the song is called “Not Hate”, and we don’t play it in this episode.) Also, it’s funny.

This week we played:

1. Starlito – #UW
2. STS – Illustrious feat. The Mad Violinist
3. Black Milk & Danny Brown – Zap
4. Ice Burgandy – Love Me Hate Me feat. Waka Flocka & French Montana
5. Travis Porter – Yo Bitch feat. YG
6. La Chat – Don’t Look At Me feat. Gangsta Boo
7. Mystikal – Mannie Fresh Guaranteed Fresh Freestyle
8. Young Bleed – How Ya Do Dat Again feat. Tech N9ne and Lynch
9. Stevie Joe – Raccoons
10. Shady Nate – Crack Babies Revenge feat. J-Stalin & Jay Jonah
11. Block 125 – Dope Sellin’ Muh F*cka
12. Agent Striknine – Delta 9
13. Domo Genesis – Shine
14. H.C.U. Gangstas – Broke Bitch

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