I ripped this so you can download it



Hey guyz I bring you new rapz from ABC Family’s newest kid sensations Isaiah Toothtaker and Rapewolf! Don’t worry about 3 more weeks for new episodes of Melissa and Joey! Isaiah and Rapewolf have a new rap song produced by Keyz who has made rap songs for teen icons like Project Pat! OMG! Look for this song on the new Pretty Little Liars hit soundtrack! You can hear it here or The ABC Family Soundbooth! This song is perfect for your new kind of family! Lets all praise satan and masturbate to lesbians 😉

If you really want the song go to the bandcamp and holler at a mp3 awwready!



Episode 9 

Yeah let that fine piece of art soak in before you listen to this podcast because that’s the theme for it. We discuss rap songs, mannie fresh, dmx, dick bouncing music and come up with an idea for Rap Video based Pornos. Now if that’s a stretch for you invision a porn version of Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where My Eye’s Can See See I told you it’s a good idea, kickstarter will be coming soon.

Noz’s Mannie Fresh interview that we mentioned in the podcast and below is the video from the Red Bull Music Academy where is Mannie is interviewed by Jefferson Mao, not Jeff Chang (sorry dudes, all look same!). Naw but seriously, watch this if you haven’t.

RBMA Session New Orleans: Mannie Fresh from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

The songs:

1.      Project Pat – Balls Down to Crumbs
2.      Young Jeezy – Rough feat. Freddie Gibbs
3.      Lil Phat & Mannie Fresh – Talk Some Mo Shit
4.      Webbie – What’s Happenin’
5.      Lil Wayne – Outro feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes
6.      Killa Kyleon – Bodies Hit the Floor feat. Bun B
7.      Waka Flocka Flame – Suicide Homicide feat. Wooh Da Kid & Gucci Mane
8.      Cities Aviv – Jaguar
9.      Big K.R.I.T. – War Stories feat. Self Scientific
10.     Willie Joe – Blown Away feat. Aftah Sum & A Money
11.     Joey Apples – Fuckin’ With My Chain On feat. the Get It In Gang
12.     3 Tards – Bounce It Off Her Head
13.     Lloyd Banks – Love Me In the Hood
14.     DMX – Three Little Pigs

Episode 9 fools, we still on that shit!



Kyleon makes Bun sound like he’s standing still with this one. He really does good night this shit with those megaphone raps. I can never tell people how much I love distorted raps, just that rawness coming through the speakers always makes rap so much more fun. Kyleon hits the nail on the head when he tells you he makes this rapping look so cool. That’s what’s wrong with most of these shitty up and coming rappers. Rapping is suppose to look cool, it’s part of the entire aesthetic you idiots, if you don’t sound cool doing it I don’t care how many rhymes you shove in your bars. At the same time looking cool isn’t the same as making rapping look cool. Fuck your fashion show, rap motherfucker.