didn’t realize this G.R.E.G. joint dropped last month


bought a few tapes today at Creative Music. It was their last day open, found some good stuff.



Episode 9 

Yeah let that fine piece of art soak in before you listen to this podcast because that’s the theme for it. We discuss rap songs, mannie fresh, dmx, dick bouncing music and come up with an idea for Rap Video based Pornos. Now if that’s a stretch for you invision a porn version of Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where My Eye’s Can See See I told you it’s a good idea, kickstarter will be coming soon.

Noz’s Mannie Fresh interview that we mentioned in the podcast and below is the video from the Red Bull Music Academy where is Mannie is interviewed by Jefferson Mao, not Jeff Chang (sorry dudes, all look same!). Naw but seriously, watch this if you haven’t.

RBMA Session New Orleans: Mannie Fresh from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

The songs:

1.      Project Pat – Balls Down to Crumbs
2.      Young Jeezy – Rough feat. Freddie Gibbs
3.      Lil Phat & Mannie Fresh – Talk Some Mo Shit
4.      Webbie – What’s Happenin’
5.      Lil Wayne – Outro feat. Bun B, Nas, Shyne & Busta Rhymes
6.      Killa Kyleon – Bodies Hit the Floor feat. Bun B
7.      Waka Flocka Flame – Suicide Homicide feat. Wooh Da Kid & Gucci Mane
8.      Cities Aviv – Jaguar
9.      Big K.R.I.T. – War Stories feat. Self Scientific
10.     Willie Joe – Blown Away feat. Aftah Sum & A Money
11.     Joey Apples – Fuckin’ With My Chain On feat. the Get It In Gang
12.     3 Tards – Bounce It Off Her Head
13.     Lloyd Banks – Love Me In the Hood
14.     DMX – Three Little Pigs

Episode 9 fools, we still on that shit!



Hugh E.M.C. and DJ-X1 “It’s the Game”


side note I was at Track The Movement last night, it’s B.Cause and Jerry Nice’s monthly rap party at Showdown, strictly records and dudes were dropping heaters. I started getting pumped when the IMP started getting dropped. Old school bay shit is so fucking nice, that stuff always makes me smile. The drum machine on this Hugh E MC makes me put my elbows out and want to start bumping in to people. You want me to mosh on kids play shit like this as loud as you can. 




I fucking love rap music so fucking much. No other genre would ever produce songs like this. It is really is a music that is after my heart. Rap brings me so much fucking joy and hope for life.

This was the first music I ever liked and I will always love it. I will listen to the shittiest rap music before I will listen to the best of anything else just because I enjoy this music above all else. Yeah there are a lot of things I hate but that moment when you hear some young no name motherfucker come with some insane facemelter that just blows what you thought was possible the fuck away, that moment is what I’m constantly searching for. To relive those moments of the first time I ever hit rewind on a tape because I had to hear that shit again just to comprehend how amazing this music is. To relive the moment I first heard MOP screaming how about some hardcore, the moment I first heard Latyrx rapping at the sametime just confusing the fuck out of what I thought you could do. The first time I ever heard freestyle fellowship, the first time I ever heard digable planet’s 9th wonder, the first time I heard that first verse of When Will They Shoot and those crushing drums with Cube yelling “THE KKK HAS GOT 3 PIECE SUITS”, the first time I saw the cover We Can’t Be Stopped and said I want the new one, the first time my friend erik said “dude have you heard this ugk shit?” as he hit play, the first time I sat in my room and took the shrink wrap off a cassingle called Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Fuck With, hearing the beginning of Shut’Em Down just crush me

I can’t even continue thinking of these memories because I’m getting to caught up, it’s fucking ridiculously emo but it’s so true. These are the moments I live for and will cherish for the rest of my life. 

without this music I would have killed myself a long time ago.